Rick is a passionate advocate.  He has practiced law for 25 years in the areas of Criminal Defense, Juvenile/Child Welfare, Family Law, and Commutation and Parole, with special concentrations in addiction and sentencing mitigation.  He believes that justice should be administered with passion, integrity, and a deep understanding of its impact on the individual and community.  In representing clients, he brings to bear a broad spectrum of personal and professional experience.  Rick is an holistic advocate, bringing to the Court a zealous representation and whole-person picture of his clients with tact, strategy, and dignity.  Rick is a member of the Federal Bar, the New Hampshire Bar, the Massachusetts Bar Association and the Boston Juvenile Bar Association, as well as a panel member of the pro bono group Suffolk Lawyers for Justice.

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Rick is inspirational.  He is a motivator.  He believes by our silence we let others define us.  “We shall not stand silent and aloof.  Recovery works, we do Recover.  Recovery is a right.”

His life transformation from addiction, crime, poverty and violence is an inspiration of Hope and Opportunity.  He gives hope a face and a voice that we can all understand no matter how hopeless and helpless. Rick’s presentation is interactive and moving. He clearly demonstrates what change looks like for all of us. A wise person once said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Rick is a true Advocate for Recovery. “Desperation is a gift and surrender opens the door to our greatest human potential. It is through the circle of recovery that we restore the human spirit.”   We are all Heros in our own recovery – so let the journey begin NOW!

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Rick’s adventure didn’t begin in the mountains, it began when he chose to embrace life: in a jail cell. Now, recovery is his life’s adventure.  He loves the outdoors, frequently traveling to the mountains, the river and the wilderness.  In nature, he continues the mental, physical and spiritual journey of embodying the hope, love, beauty and happiness that we all represent.  Rick believes that we come from that same sacred source that created the wind, water, ocean, earth and universe.  He is inner-directed to live on purpose and believes that adventure is about being present, grounded and happy.  Rick’s adventure continues as he brings his recovery back to the community.

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